1908 French Motobloc

The French were well represented in Times Square the morning of February 12, 1908 with three entries.  The Motobloc featured a 4-cylinder 30 HP engine, and weighed 6,437 pounds. It had a fuel capacity of 86 gallons in four reservoirs. Team members were Charles Godard, 31; Arthur Hue, 26; Maurice Livier, 19 (the youngest Team member in the Race).

Hue the mechanic, was injured in Times Square as he tried to start the automobile. He was the first accident of the Race.  Godard competed in the 1907 Peking to Paris Race, and had a bit of a reputation as a scoundrel having purchased fuel and parts during that event and never paying for them.  He was arrested at the finish line in Paris.

1964 1/2 Mustang Convertible

Wayne Duprez purchased his Mustang in 1973 from his wife Debbie (of 42 years) coworker’s daughter. It didn’t have a gentle life before his purchase, as most of the car was damaged in various accidents by the former owner.  Wayne restored the car in the 1970s and has pampered it ever since.

Wayne’s grandfather, Charles Duprez was born in 1888. As a young boy of 19, he was hired by the New York Times as a news photographer. Because he was not married, the Times chose Charlie to travel with the racers and photograph the 1908 NY to Paris Race as they crossed the United States. He was a self assured young man, and used his innate talent of “getting the perfect shot” with every click of the shutter. Charlie even photographed President Roosevelt in 1912, which became the most published photo of Teddy and his favorite.  Today, 1908 Race fans are familiar with many of Charlie’s photos.

Wayne continues his Grand Father and Father’s love of cars, particularly Fords. His Dad had a collection of A’s and V-8s, and in 1958 bought a 1929 Model A Town Sedan which is still in the family today. The photo of Wayne’s Mustang was taken on the set of “A Crime To Remember” Series.