1908 French Sizaire-Naudin

The second of the French entries was the Sizaire-Naudin. It was the smallest of the competitors with a 1-cylinder 15 HP engine.  Weighing in at 3,300 pounds, the theory was that the lighter vehicle would travel easier over the snow.  It had a fuel capacity of only 40 gallons in three reservoirs.

Team members included August Pons, 32; Maurice Berlhe, 24; and Lucien Dechamps, 24. Pons had piloted a motorized tricycle in the Peking to Paris Race in 1907, and was the father of Lily Pons a world famous opera singer.

The Sizaire developed rear-axle problems only 40 miles from the start, managing a few more miles until it was out of the Race at Red Hook, NY on the very first day.

1930 Model A Roadster

Frank Lowry was born and raised in the Boston area, and bought his first 1923 Model T roadster in 1971 which he still has. Adding a 1930 Model A, he has plenty to keep him busy now that he is retired from plumbing business.

He is both a member of New Hampshire Lakes Region Model A Club where he spends summers, and the Edison Ford Southwest Model A Club in Florida, in the winters.

Frank will be driving with Jeff on the NY to Buffalo leg of the 2018 NY to Paris Tour, in the 29 Roadster Pickup.

Keep the air up in the tires and hit the road!!!