Day 5 San Francisco Here We Come!

Feb 18, 1908 Toledo, OH

Rounding Lake Erie-Blizzards and record snowfall made conditions brutal. In 1908 there were no roads; snowplows, even antifreeze had not been invented. At some points progress was measured in “feet per hour” as racers hand shoveled and pulled their vehicles through snow drifts often over the hood of the Thomas with teams of horses. The Flyer finally reached Toledo OH on Feb. 18 after six days of miserable travel.

June 23, 2018

This is it, the big day as we start our trek west to San Francisco. In front of the Buffalo Pierce Arrow Museum, 125 vintage cars lined up with none newer than 1972!  The cars are ready, as my “A” had some last minute adjustments made by good MARC friend “Hoppy”, his son and Grandson.  Our group is first under the starting line at 10AM sharp headed west for San Francisco, with 2018 Great Racers lined up for several blocks on Seneca Street headed east for Halifax, NS.  The weather was just perfect for driving with overcast and cool temperatures.  Local media had plenty of “Kodak Moments” and teams from all over the US as well as Japan entered for the run to Halifax.

Just prior to the start, George Schuster’s (winner of the very first Great Race in 1908) 91 year old Grand Daughter, Great Grandson and Great Grand Daughter, his Great-Great Grand Daughter, and his Great-Great-Great Grand Son gathered under the starting arch to celebrate the 110th Anniversary.  Jim Sandoro (who heads the Museum), Corky Coker and Jeff Stump of Great Race as well as City officials were all on hand for the Green Flag!

With the announcement “Gentlemen, start your engines” Corky dropped the flag, and we were off and running!