Day 6 WGRZ Captures Spirit of 1908

Feb. 19, 1908 Endless Snow Faced with daily blizzards, it would have been easy to simply give up. After all, Henry Ford and Ransom Olds refused to enter one of their cars saying such a Race was IMPOSSIBLE!  No car had ever driven across the US in winter.  President Teddy Roosevelt wanted an American Team in the Race, and this was a matter of national pride.  Schuster never thought about Paris, just the next day’s travel.  He was determined wherever this Race would end, the Flyer would be in the lead…

June 24, 2018

Just found out WGRZ of Buffalo posted an excellent video which captures the Spirit of the very first Great Race as well as the 110th Anniversary Celebration and Great Race 2018!  Click the WGRZ VIDEO link (on slower connections please allow time to load).

Sunday is a great day to travel, with very few commuters and lighter commercial traffic. As we rounded Chicago things picked up, and we could only imagine what weekday rush hour must be like!  We parked for the night in Rock Falls, IL and while we had dry conditions today I don’t think we will be that lucky tomorrow?  We gained an hour with the Central Time Zone, so for once I can get this BLOG entry done without the late news coming on TV….