Getting Close!

As we all head in the direction of Hyde Park for the start of our journey at the FDR Mansion on Tuesday June 19, it’s a good time to thank those who have helped to make the 110th Anniversary Celebration possible. In the coming weeks you will be hearing more about these fine folks and how their time and effort is helping to share an important part of early American Automotive History with future generations.

We have had some suggestions about what readers like to hear, and we will work those into future posts. You will hear a lot about the mechanical challenges of getting 90 year old automobiles 3,700 miles across the United States, and the cast of characters making the journey should add plenty of humorous moments.

Tomorrow will be devoted to last minute tweaks on the ’29 Roadster. In watching the weather out west, particularly Death Valley, 100*+ temps are the norm.  Cooling is always a factor with the older engines, so it’s time to install an electric auxiliary cooling fan to boost air flow.  Of course even that becomes problematic when the air coming in is already 100*!

BLOG posts hopefully will become a daily feature starting on Monday, as we meet Jack at the Beekman Hotel in Rhinebeck, NY. If we miss a post, it’s because we ran into an unexpected problem, but you can bet we will catch up.

San Francisco, here we come!