The Oldest Inn in America

Now usually when you think of “old hotels”, visions of antiquated often run-down properties come to mind. Not so with the Beekman Arms Rhinebeck, NY.  Opened in 1766 (before the Revolutionary War), you know in a moment you’re in a pretty special place.  For over 245 years, the Tavern has hosted the likes of George Washington, and the low doorways also remind you our forefathers were much shorter than people are today.  The plank floors, overhead beams and huge stone hearth is much as it looked in colonial times.

In close proximity to the FDR estate, and its own slice of history made the Beekman a perfect place to start our Journey

Jack with his ’29 A and John with his ’28 Plymouth pulled in soon after my arrival. The cars ran great, but Jack’s brand new pair of shoes suffered a blow-out.  The shoe store suggested a Guerilla Glue repair, as cobblers somehow faded away unlike the Beekman.

With the heat index over 95* in high humidity, the rooms A/C was a welcome relief.  Tomorrow is the big day, as we get to check out FDR’s home, and get some one of a kind photos with our vehicles in front of his mansion.