Day 8 Ogallala, NE

Feb 25, 1908 Chicago, IL

It took 13 days, 6 hours, and 10 minutes for the Flyer to cover 1,403 miles from Times Square to Chicago (8 days to cover the last 256 miles)!  The Flyer in the lead, Zust and De Dion arriving the next day.  Capt. Hans Hansen quit the French team when Saint Chaffray kept insisting Hansen shovel snow while he sat in the DeDion.  Hansen then contacted E.R. Thomas, requesting to join the US Team.  As Hans could speak Russian, and had lived in Siberia Schuster thought he would be a good addition to the Flyer crew.

The NY Times reporter T.W. Williams quit the Race in Chicago, saying the crew would all die and he returned to NYC.



June 26, 2018

Last night, we had torrential rain, as well as some tornadoes east. Took a while to dry things out, and we were on the road again.

Today was all about driving with mile after mile  of corn.  There is no doubt corn is king around here.  It’s apparent the farmers don’t go short on the nitrogen, as the fields are all a dark lush green. 

Arrived in “Ogallala”, try saying that three times!   Just in time to make some needed repairs.  John added engine firewall insulation, as temps. are forecast to rise to over 100*.  We’ll soon see if it works?