Day 9 Potter, NE

Feb 29, 1908 Clarence, IA

After leaving Chicago, the snow was no longer the problem. Now it was axle deep mud the racers called “gumbo”.  It was a serious issue, because of the weight it added to the already 5,000+ pound Flyer.  The crew discovered that local fire departments could use their horse drawn, hand powered fire pumpers to wash the mud off the Flyer, creating the first “car wash”.

June 27, 2018

Today has to go down as the best breakfast ever! Drew from Potter, NE made contact several months ago, inviting us to breakfast in Potter on our way to Cheyenne, WY.  Now for a town of about 360 people, they know how to do breakfast right.  As we drove into town, the big digital bank sign flashed out a welcome message complete with a picture of the Thomas Flyer!

Mary (an accomplished cook) said the pancakes at the Potter Sundry were the best she ever had.  Then we topped it off with a “Tin Roof Sundae” invented in Potter complete with vanilla, chocolate ice cream, chocolate sauce, marshmallow topping and peanuts.  That’s right, we had it for breakfast ( Hey, when in Rome…).  We were invited to try our hand at duck pin bowling, at the only such lane west of the Mississippi.  The guys did OK, but the ladies had strikes!

Drew told me about his Great Grandfather opening the Potter State Bank in 1908.  I have no doubt our Great Grandfathers met on March 6, 1908 as the Flyer came through town,  just as we did 110 years later.  I’m sure they are looking down, wondering why it took the kids so long to finally meet….